Cheap and Easy Shortcut

So, the latest (not counting “XXX”) domain is “.co” (read ‘dot co’). If you already have a or .net, it could be worth adding your .co to your group.

And, here’s an extra little tip. As you know (because you’re reading this) our domain is ‘’ – which can be a bit long and sometimes when I give out my email people don’t get it right the first time – so, we’ve taken the ‘shortcut’ route and registered – which I forwarded to here. It’s easier to remember and I even added a ‘new’ email address with the shorter domain to forward to my main address. Easy-peasy! Normally, the dot-co will be $34.99 but I’ve put it on sale for $29.99 (a YEAR, not a month!!)

Want to get your own ‘dot-co’? Go visit now and get it before someone else does!

New Event

I’ve been invited to speak at an upcoming open (and free) networking event. It’s on Feb 8th and is sponsored by BNI (Business Networking International. ) It’s at Bergen Community College from 7-9 p.m. The workshop is for business professionals on “How to Leverage Social Media as a Business Marketing Tool”.

Flyer is attached and link to register is HERE.

Hope to see you there!

Next Seminar

Social Purchasing.  Learn how, why (and) if your business should be using services like Groupon and Living Social.

We’ll talk about this ‘next big thing’ in Social Media. Yes, it’s the first time you can really see quantifiable results, but is it a good idea for you?

Register for What is  Social Purchasing  and how can it help YOUR business? in Pompton Plains, NJ  on Eventbrite

What needs to happen next in the wireless world

Soooooo… I think we can call the iPad a hit. Apple sold 3 million in the first 80 days after launch.

There were about 80 ‘tablets’ that appeared at the recent CES.

That’s a lot of data being tossed through the airwaves.

So, listen up AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Metro PCS and anyone else I’ve forgotten to mention. Here is your next BIG winner. First one to do this will win customers BIG time:

Data Buckets

Huh?  Well, let’s say you’re on a Family-type plan now. You pay for (lets say) 1000 minutes and have 3 phones. It’s not that each phone gets 333.33 minutes. It’s a bucket of 1000 minute with 3 straws. You can ‘drink’ as much or as little as you want.

Do it with data. Every carrier has already killed off the unlimited data plan anyway. Give us 2GB (or whatever) of data and let us tell you how many ‘straws’ we want. I don’t care if it’s my iPhone, my tablet, my notebook or whatever. They all ‘drink’ from the same bucket. And don’t charge me for each device. If you want to charge something like $5 more (TOTAL) fine, but don’t nickle & dime me for each device. $30 (or so) for 2GB for as many devices on my account is a killer idea.

Go do it – now – before I buy my iPad 2.0

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