Cheap and Easy Shortcut

So, the latest (not counting “XXX”) domain is “.co” (read ‘dot co’). If you already have a or .net, it could be worth adding your .co to your group.

And, here’s an extra little tip. As you know (because you’re reading this) our domain is ‘’ – which can be a bit long and sometimes when I give out my email people don’t get it right the first time – so, we’ve taken the ‘shortcut’ route and registered – which I forwarded to here. It’s easier to remember and I even added a ‘new’ email address with the shorter domain to forward to my main address. Easy-peasy! Normally, the dot-co will be $34.99 but I’ve put it on sale for $29.99 (a YEAR, not a month!!)

Want to get your own ‘dot-co’? Go visit now and get it before someone else does!

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