New (sub) site

No, not the sandwich!

I’ve created a new website (because I don’t have anything else to do!) that will (hopefully) explain a bit more in depth about what I call “Social Purchasing” – things that services like Groupon, Living Social and Foursquare do.

If you’re confused or want to know more head over to (don’t worry, you can always click on back here!)

Welcome New Clients!

We welcome two new clients:

Thank you (and welcome!) to JoAnn and Rob!

Not Saying I Told You So, but (OK, yes I am…)

Below is a blog post I wrote in April, 2009 and HERE is a story from today (11/30/10)

Today’s NewsDisposable e-readers may be coming

A breakthrough at the University of Cincinnati could lead to a low-cost, maybe even disposable, e-reader. Using an electrowetting device, researchers have found a method that allows colored text and video to be displayed on flexible, organic paper.

April, 2009:   The End of the Newspaper – I Don’t Buy It

Snippit below: Full article HERE

…People are lamenting the death of the newspaper, and I’m here to tell you why I don’t believe it.

Newspapers are saying the Internet is killing them… BUT here’s what no one is talking about.

Why do newspaper people think technology is no longer evolving?

Yes, people want their news instant and customizable. BUT, what if (when??) e-paper evolves into a serviceable alternative? Think it won’t happen? Think again. I give it 5 years…

Next Seminar

It’s back to school time! We’re happy to announce our next seminar:

Register for Facebook and Twitter for Business 101 in Emerson, NJ  on Eventbrite

If you are a small business owner, or thinking about starting a business, you don’t want to miss this seminar.
Facebook has over 500 MILLION active users. Twitter is THE most popular micro-blogging site in the world.

How should you take advantage of these Social Media powerhouses when promoting your business?

Do it right, and hit a Home Run.
Do it wrong and it can bury your company.

We’ll show you how to do it right.

Want to know how to be private from a personal standpoint but be very public from a business standpoint on Facebook?
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Register for Facebook and Twitter for Business 101 in Emerson, NJ  on Eventbrite

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