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Yes, I know it’s “Star Wars Day” (May the 4th), but I couldn’t help using an old Star Trek line for today’s headline.

Today, I’m referring to organic views. Whenever you post on Facebook, (or many other social media platforms) people will see your post – without you paying for it – just on it’s own, or as it’s called, organic views.

It’s estimated that only approximately 10% of your followers or “like-ers” will see an organic post. So if you have 100 views, 10 may see an organic post. And if you sell various products or services, it may not even be the right 10.

But it’s now even easier to target exactly those who you want to see the post. Facebook CellCon Consultingalone offers over 100 different target options. Sure geography and demographics but also things like “likely to move” “net worth” job title, “purchaser of business software” and many more.

So, yes, of course you should still post and not only rely on ads, but if you think that alone is enough to get your message across to the right targets, it’s just not. It’s time to expand to the paid side of social media advertising.

What’s the Difference between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords?

What's the difference - Google Ads vs Facebook Ads - CellCon ConsultingFirst, let me say this is really the difference between Search and Social Media advertising – but I’m using the 2 800lb gorillas as examples.

It’s a question I get – a lot.  Before I tell you the differences, let me tell you what’s similar about them:

Both let you highly target your ad so it’s seen by who you want, and who your perfect target audience is. Both let you control the ad budget. Both give you reports on how well your ad is doing, and give you suggestions on how to expand your target audience.

Now for the main differences:

To me, it’s the difference between subliminal advertising and “in your face” advertising. Let me explain:

Facebook advertising from CellCon ConsultingI like to call Facebook ads Subliminal Advertising. Very very few folks go on Facebook looking for a business recommendation. They go on to play games, look at pictures, bitch complain about politics, etc. Sometimes they ask about a business for X, Y or Z.

But the chance they’re asking about your type of business is small. Very, very small. And even when they do, it will take an advocate of yours to (a) see it and (b) take the time to post on your behalf. Does it happen? Sure, but you’re not in control of the response when it does.

However, Facebook ads show up anyway. In your newsfeed, on your wall, in the groups you visit and the pages you like. Not to mention that they show up outside of Facecbook as part of the Facebook partner network.

So, while your customer may not be looking for your product or service while they’re wasting time reading about the latest news on Facebook, your highly targeted ad will appear. Numerous times. And if they’re interested, they’ll click (and if not, you’ll get tons of impressions for free, since you pay for a click, not an impression.)

Google advertising from CellCon ConsultingNow, Google is the exact opposite. When someone goes onto Google, they’re searching for something specific. Your ad appears when what they’re looking for is what you’re selling (and yes, in their partner network as well.) I call it In Your Face advertising. I’m looking for X… You sell X… Done.

And (IMHO) that’s the difference, in a nutshell.

Isn’t Social Media Marketing Free?

Isn't Social Media Marketing Free by CellCon ConsultingNo… No it’s not and it never was.

First of all, it always cost time. Not only the time to write a post or snap an Instagram photo, or write a tweet, but the time to do the followup and do it correctly.  Remember the first rule of Social Media. It’s SOCIAL. It’s designed for you (and/or your company) to create or join a community of people with similar interests.

So, if you walk into a new community and start off with “buy my stuff” – you’re D.O.A.  And, even if you post properly and follow the “rules of the road” if you don’t take the time to cultivate and grow the community, you will be dead soon enough.

So there was always a time cost.

But, now it actually costs money. Cash. Hard currency.

You see, when you write a basic post on Facebook, about 10% of the people who follow or like you will see it. That’s all. 10 out of 100.

Why? Because Facebook makes its money by selling information to advertisers.

You want more than 10% to see it. Facebook says “Boost it.”  – And by “boost” they mean “pay us some money.”


It’s well worth it.   Why?? Because using social media you can target your message better than at any time or any other medium in history.  Think 10 years ago you could send a message to only women who are 25 miles from your location who have a child 0-3 months and like soccer?

No you couldn’t.

Today you can.

So, social media marketing is not free. It takes time. It takes money for the ad, and it takes expertise to know how to send a highly targeted message to a highly targeted audience and send them to a very specific landing page.

But done right, it’s sooooo worth it.


Just One More Star – 5 Star Reviews Count

5 Star Reviews. Harvard University Study. CellCon ConsultingWhy care about 5 Star Reviews?

A recent Harvard University Study shows that just one more star in an on-line review can be worth as much as 9% more sales.

The question is not only What are you doing to earn that star, it’s also How easy is it for your customers to leave that review?

You know that once your customer leaves your office or store, the chances of getting any review drop. A lot.

So, CellCon Consulting is pleased to announce our partnership with 5 Star Marketing. Quite simply, they make it easy for anyone to leave a review – and even easier to help assure it’s a great one.

Interested? You can learn more here.

Ding Ding! We Have A Winner

Boy, do I think Gizmodo hit the nail on the head after Amazon’s BIG Announcement:


The most thrilling [marketing] advancement in recent years was unveiled last night on 60 Minutes. If you missed it—how could you have missed it?—Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos detailed the [marketing] future of his company for millions [of potential customers]: Amazon PrimeAir. The [marketing] future is here, and it is [vague promises of] 30-minute delivery by drones.Amazon Drone

That’s right! It’s just a matter of [at least five years’] time before Amazon’s [currently fictitious] army of drones takes to the skies to deliver your [five pounds or lighter] package straight to your doorstep[‘s general GPS location] [assuming you live within 10 miles of an Amazon fulfillment center] [which you don’t]…

You’d think that Amazon would spend the night before the busiest online shopping day of the year publicizing its numerous deals, but clearly that’s not a priority [for60 Minutes producers]. Instead, Bezos talked about PrimeAir on 60 Minutes, the most reputable [and watched] weekly news program [that’s willing to turn a blind eye to practicalities in exchange for a scoop] in America. That’s how you know Amazon is serious [about grabbing headlines any way it can today].

Read the whole thing here


New Law Brings Changes to Text Messaging

Starting Wednesday, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) has some new changes that effect businesses who text their customers.

The changes require a business to obtain prior express written consent from your existing and new contacts before you can engage in any marketing related text messages to them.  The business is required to send out a TCPA consent request, asking them to re-opt in. Only those that reply “YES” will be able to receive marketing text messages from you.

“The TCPA makes it unlawful for a person to “initiate” a telephone call to a residential line and to wireless numbers for non-emergency purposes without the prior express written consent of the called party. The TCPA applies to both voice and short message service (SMS) text messages, if they are transmitted for marketing purposes.

The new TCPA guidelines DO NOT apply to non-marketing communication such as appointment reminders, service reminders, employee communication, or other services provided by our sister company Dr. SMS.

Failure to comply may result in penalties of $500-$1,500 per text message.

Questions? Let me know.

Is Instagram/Facbook Insane?

So, as you may know Facebook bought Instagram a while back for $1 Billion. Yesterday, they posted a new T&C:

”You agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata), and/or actions you take, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you.”

Uh, no. Not even close. I’m not using Instagram anymore until they retract this. I’m not a pro photographer (although I have sold some shots) but I’m sure as hell not going to let Facebook (or anyone else) use my pix for profit without any compensation.

What say you?

(more details here)


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