It’s Dead, Jim…

CellCon Consulting

Yes, I know it’s “Star Wars Day” (May the 4th), but I couldn’t help using an old Star Trek line for today’s headline.

Today, I’m referring to organic views. Whenever you post on Facebook, (or many other social media platforms) people will see your post – without you paying for it – just on it’s own, or as it’s called, organic views.

It’s estimated that only approximately 10% of your followers or “like-ers” will see an organic post. So if you have 100 views, 10 may see an organic post. And if you sell various products or services, it may not even be the right 10.

But it’s now even easier to target exactly those who you want to see the post. Facebook CellCon Consultingalone offers over 100 different target options. Sure geography and demographics but also things like “likely to move” “net worth” job title, “purchaser of business software” and many more.

So, yes, of course you should still post and not only rely on ads, but if you think that alone is enough to get your message across to the right targets, it’s just not. It’s time to expand to the paid side of social media advertising.

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