Restaurants Must Get Social

I found a great article about “Fast Casual Restaurants” using Social Media on their website Social Media Today – I’ve posted about it below, but I think it translates well to all restaurants! Way too many eating establishments are not only  not using any social media, but far too many have sub-standard websites.

To be a “good” website for a restaurant (IMHO) all you need are a few images, an up to date menu, location/contact info and a link to a reservation system (on-line or phone) if you take reservations. Like good food, it should be clean, concise and “tasty.” (Shameless plug: If you know a restaurant NOT doing this, please recommend our services!)

Anyway, here’s what Social Media Today says:

Social Media Today InfographicThe fast casual restaurant industry is very competitive, and restaurants should do all they can to gain competitive advantages, including tapping into the marketing and branding power of social media. The burrito and taco chain Chipotle dominates in terms of followers on Google+ (95,512), Instagram (18,214), Pinterest (34,567), Twitter (286,124) and YouTube (22,067).

With a whopping 3,234,049 “likes,” it’s American Chinese styled cuisine Panda Express that dominates Facebook. With 2,147,816 likes, Chipotle is over a million likes behind.

…As measured by number of followers, the top performing fast casual restaurants on Instagram include Chipotle, Raising Cane’s, Baja Fresh, Tijuana Flats…

With one billion users, YouTube is extremely valuable to fast casual restaurants as well. After Chipotle, Panera Bread, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, Noodle’s Company, Panda Express, Taco Cabana, El Pollo Loco and Zaxby’s all round out to the top 10. 

Read the entire article HERE.

It’s Fixed… Oh, no it’s not

So, if you’ve read my last rant on the USPS, you already know the backstory. On 12/31 I received a call back from their Consumer Affairs problem who assured me all would be fine and dandy going forward.

And look, I’m not calling out the entire USPS. I’m sure there are (somewhere) some people who take their job and responsibilities seriously. They do great work each day and never get credit. I truly believe they’re out there.

It’s just none of the last dozen or so that I’ve had contact with.

So, if you haven’t guessed, that “promise” of fine and dandy… that took less than 1 day to go belly-up. Yup – on the very next mail delivery day (1/2/14), CellCon received mail at the old address. (Oh, and half of my town of West Orange didn’t receive ANY mail yesterday. I’m guessing  it may be snow related, but: (a) half of the town DID get mail, and it seems quite random which houses did and didn’t… and (b) there’s this

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

I mean, c’mon – snow is the FIRST ONE LISTED… and this wasn’t 20″… it was about 8″ near me.

Guess a lot has changed since 2001, huh USPS?

#epicCustomerServiceFail – again

Let’s tell your customers “You Don’t Care”

In July, I filled out 2 change of address forms – one for me and one for the business. To this date I STILL get mail at the old house, and now, to add on, Monica is getting mail at MY house (no forms ever filled out for that.)

I’ve called. I’ve emailed. I’ve written real letters. Each time the response is “I’ll tell the carrier”

Today I went down to the Post Office in person. I wanted to speak to a delivery supervisor. I was told all of the following:

1) She’s busy
2) Our phones are down
3) Which one? There are multiple ones here today.
4) Lakesha (sp?) is the only one here today… and finally.. (and I swear this is true too)
5) “She know’s your here… she doesn’t care.”

Excuse me? YOU DON’T CARE???? You better F’in care, lady…

So, Lakesha – delivery supervisor for West Orange – at the Orange Post Office, (and Ms. Virginia Faulcon, Postmaster) here’s where social media comes into play. I ask my readers to like/share this post and the corresponding Facebook post. Help me spread the word.

“You Don’t Care” ????

Want to know how you SHOULD do Business?

I broke my glasses recently. The last pair I bought (last 2 pair actually) were from Sears. This week, Sears is having a half-price sale, which would bring my cost to about $150 – still a bit high for me.

So I remembered an internet company called Warby Parker and looked them up. They sent me (no charge) 5 pair of glasses to try on. When I had a question, I called and got:

  • A native English speaking person
  • On the first ring
  • Who answered my questions
  • Was pleasant

And what did I do? Wrote a blog post, wrote a FB post and tagged them…(oh and when I buy from them, it’ll cost me about $95 – a savings of about 35%)

Compare and Contrast:

I also called Sears about a snow-blower I bought last week and was supposed to be delivered (last) Friday.

I’m still waiting.

I’ve  called THREE TIMES over 3 days. Each time I get “You’ll get a call in 24-48 hours” – until I explained it was now 96 hours later and still no call.


Ding Ding! We Have A Winner

Boy, do I think Gizmodo hit the nail on the head after Amazon’s BIG Announcement:


The most thrilling [marketing] advancement in recent years was unveiled last night on 60 Minutes. If you missed it—how could you have missed it?—Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos detailed the [marketing] future of his company for millions [of potential customers]: Amazon PrimeAir. The [marketing] future is here, and it is [vague promises of] 30-minute delivery by drones.Amazon Drone

That’s right! It’s just a matter of [at least five years’] time before Amazon’s [currently fictitious] army of drones takes to the skies to deliver your [five pounds or lighter] package straight to your doorstep[‘s general GPS location] [assuming you live within 10 miles of an Amazon fulfillment center] [which you don’t]…

You’d think that Amazon would spend the night before the busiest online shopping day of the year publicizing its numerous deals, but clearly that’s not a priority [for60 Minutes producers]. Instead, Bezos talked about PrimeAir on 60 Minutes, the most reputable [and watched] weekly news program [that’s willing to turn a blind eye to practicalities in exchange for a scoop] in America. That’s how you know Amazon is serious [about grabbing headlines any way it can today].

Read the whole thing here


Why You Won’t Be Seeing Any Coca Cola Ads.

Coca Cola announced that it will be spending ZERO advertising as of Novermber 18. Instead, they will take that money and give it to the relief efforts in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan.

“Any committed advertising space will be redirected to the relief and rebuilding efforts for the people in Visayas,” Coca-Cola’s statement on Tuesday read.

Coca Cola has already donated $2.5 million in cash, nearly $600,000 in bottled water, and $1 million through the American National Red Cross

Read the full article HERE


Google Can Use Your Name and Face in Their Ads…

Google recently updated its T&Cs so it can use your name, face, reviews, and social networking activity (like Google Plus +1s) in ads displayed to your friends –  or anyone actually! But, it’s easy to opt out. Here’s how.

  1. Click and go directly to the “Shared Endorsements” Google+ settings page.
  2. Uncheck the box labeled “Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads.” Click Save.
  3. You will get a pop-up warning you that if you disable the feature, your friends won’t see your recommendations. Click Continue.
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