Here are some of the fine companies we’ve worked with:

What folks are saying about us:

“Everyone knows someone who claims to be an expert on Social Media. Adam truly qualifies as one. He takes the time to understand your business and what you are trying to accomplish. His experience allows him to make some creative suggestions. He works in a cost effective manner, is accessible and provides good service. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to incorporate Social Media into their Marketing efforts.”

“Thanks to Adam  for creating the site. I highly recommend him. I consult Adam regularly; to date, he’s handled three technical projects for me.”

“Adam is knowledgeable, resourceful, & reliable. He worked with our startup company… to help create everything from our logo and marketing sheets to giving us a web calendar and website for registering seminar attendees. Adam has effectively been our outsourced Marketing department. More importantly, Adam made himself available when we needed him and wasn’t afraid to pick up a sign in sheet or video our presentations. He is an asset for your small business.”

“Have known and worked with Adam side by side for many years within the wireless industry, and always found him to be the ultimate consumate pro regardless of the task at hand. From a carrier representative to an independant business man, Adam brings a knowledge and skill to the wireless environment second to none in the business. One of the best around!”

“Adam is a smart marketing agent and kind at that. He takes care of my marketing needs for and has for at least one year now if not more. He is fair minded, honest and diligent. I reccomend him highly for any marketing issues. Thanks Adam!”

“Adam does great work. Very detail oriented while maintaining a big picture outlook”

“When we launched a mobile media blog at Mediabistro, I turned to Adam for his expertise in the market, and I continue to rely on his knowledge today for’s wireless efforts. Adam is an engaging and savvy consultant who goes the extra mile to get you information that makes a difference. I would recommend him without hesitation!”

“Our ad agency worked closely with Adam…and found him to be an exceptional marketing and product manager. Especially impressive is his proficiency with electronic marketing tools. He’s an idea man with the drive and ability to successfully implement strategic plans. I recommend him highly.”

“Adam determined my business needs and quickly developed tools to function more efficiently. His professionalism in a wide range of applications make him an important asset for any business owner.”

“Adam is a solid person. He’s for real. Someone with a good heart who can be trusted.”

“I’d say one thing I loved about Adam was his ability to multi-task + give 110% to all of the tasks at hand. Very much on top of his projects and a pleasure to work with.”

“Adam is one of the few Marketing people who not only knows what he’s doing but is great at it. He has a wonderful knowledge of Marketing and is terrific at putting his ideas to practice. He is highly effective, dedicated, and his programs always produce results.”

“Adam was a thorough, and decisive co-worker. He assisted in my education and worked diligently with representatives. He is extremely knowledgeable in consumerism and marketing. He is an asset to have on your side and to work with.”

“Adam is a creative and energetic marketeer and product manager. He’s always at the forefront of technology and new ideas for selling and developing products. A pleasure to work with!”

“…(Adam) is quite knowledgeable. We first met when he was in Marketing at a wireless startup and, I was so impressed with his depth of understanding that I invited him to be a lead member of a consulting team serving another wireless carrier.”

“Adam is a smart, entrepreneurial and market-driven manager. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”
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