Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Do you have a consultative sales process where you need to nurture your leads before they’re ready to buy?

If so, we should talk. But before we chat, let me give you some details:

Imagine being able to hire a marketing manager for just $0.83 an hour. No, it’s not outsourcing, it’s Marketing Automation.

If you’re sending emails to your customers and prospects, you can think of marketing automation as the next step.

  • You can now send emails based on time and/or your recipients response (or lack thereof).
  • You can “score” your leads based on your custom criteria, and then prioritize your followup based on who is a “hotter” lead.
  • You can see who visited your website and exactly what they saw and did.

One more thing, check out some astonishing facts
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I’d like you to give me the chance on why you should hire a Marketing Manager for under a buck per hour. Contact me now to set up our call.