Let’s tell your customers “You Don’t Care”

In July, I filled out 2 change of address forms – one for me and one for the business. To this date I STILL get mail at the old house, and now, to add on, Monica is getting mail at MY house (no forms ever filled out for that.)

I’ve called. I’ve emailed. I’ve written real letters. Each time the response is “I’ll tell the carrier”

Today I went down to the Post Office in person. I wanted to speak to a delivery supervisor. I was told all of the following:

1) She’s busy
2) Our phones are down
3) Which one? There are multiple ones here today.
4) Lakesha (sp?) is the only one here today… and finally.. (and I swear this is true too)
5) “She know’s your here… she doesn’t care.”

Excuse me? YOU DON’T CARE???? You better F’in care, lady…

So, Lakesha – delivery supervisor for West Orange – at the Orange Post Office, (and Ms. Virginia Faulcon, Postmaster) here’s where social media comes into play. I ask my readers to like/share this post and the corresponding Facebook post. Help me spread the word.

“You Don’t Care” ????

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