Welcome, Kevin!

I’m pleased to announce that Kevin Haughwout of the freedmarketer has agreed to do some blogging and posting for us and our clients! Most of Kevin’s work will be seen around the interwebs and maybe I can convince him to write a post or 2 here as well.

Please give a big welcome to Kevin and say ‘hi’!


New (sub) site

No, not the sandwich!

I’ve created a new website (because I don’t have anything else to do!) that will (hopefully) explain a bit more in depth about what I call “Social Purchasing” – things that services like Groupon, Living Social and Foursquare do.

If you’re confused or want to know more head over to www.socialpurchasing.info (don’t worry, you can always click on back here!)

Not Saying I Told You So, but (OK, yes I am…)

Below is a blog post I wrote in April, 2009 and HERE is a story from today (11/30/10)

Today’s NewsDisposable e-readers may be coming

A breakthrough at the University of Cincinnati could lead to a low-cost, maybe even disposable, e-reader. Using an electrowetting device, researchers have found a method that allows colored text and video to be displayed on flexible, organic paper.

April, 2009:   The End of the Newspaper – I Don’t Buy It

Snippit below: Full article HERE

…People are lamenting the death of the newspaper, and I’m here to tell you why I don’t believe it.

Newspapers are saying the Internet is killing them… BUT here’s what no one is talking about.

Why do newspaper people think technology is no longer evolving?

Yes, people want their news instant and customizable. BUT, what if (when??) e-paper evolves into a serviceable alternative? Think it won’t happen? Think again. I give it 5 years…

Great Customer Service Story

I’d much rather write about good customer service than bad, but unfortunatly I don’t get the chance as often as I’d like.

However, I wrote on my personal site (www.adamswolf.com) about how Art Shamsky, former NY Met and his assistant went above and beyond to solve an issue I had with some merchandise I purchased.

If you don’t want to click over, I’ve reposted the story here:

So, the other week Matt Cerone at Metsblog.com (a great site, BTW) mentions that former Met, Art Shamsky has redesigned his website. As it was my cousin’s 50th Birthday coming up, I thought a signed picture by Art would be a great gift.

So, I order the picture from the site and there’s a place to leave a message if you want it personalized – which I fill out.

The day before the birthday party, the picture comes but it’s not personalized!

It’s too late to do anything, but I fire off an email expressing how unhappy I am.

Art’s assistant gets back in touch with me and here’s how they “fixed” it – and they went above and beyond.

Today, my cousin and I had a private meeting with Art Shamsky and my cousin, where he personalized the photo, gave me one, and took time to have a great chat about the ‘69 Mets, the Mets of today and baseball in general.

Companies can learn a lot about customer service from Art Shamsky!

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