Great Customer Service Story

I’d much rather write about good customer service than bad, but unfortunatly I don’t get the chance as often as I’d like.

However, I wrote on my personal site ( about how Art Shamsky, former NY Met and his assistant went above and beyond to solve an issue I had with some merchandise I purchased.

If you don’t want to click over, I’ve reposted the story here:

So, the other week Matt Cerone at (a great site, BTW) mentions that former Met, Art Shamsky has redesigned his website. As it was my cousin’s 50th Birthday coming up, I thought a signed picture by Art would be a great gift.

So, I order the picture from the site and there’s a place to leave a message if you want it personalized – which I fill out.

The day before the birthday party, the picture comes but it’s not personalized!

It’s too late to do anything, but I fire off an email expressing how unhappy I am.

Art’s assistant gets back in touch with me and here’s how they “fixed” it – and they went above and beyond.

Today, my cousin and I had a private meeting with Art Shamsky and my cousin, where he personalized the photo, gave me one, and took time to have a great chat about the ‘69 Mets, the Mets of today and baseball in general.

Companies can learn a lot about customer service from Art Shamsky!


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