Facebook Rolls Out Offers Feature For Brands

Nice article on this over at Social Bakers:

Summary: Facebook Offers is a discount/promo­tional tool you create from your business page, which allows you to reach a larger audience. Once you create an offer, it will be shared with people who have liked your page, as well as allowing them to share it with their friends. As soon as a person redeems your offer, it will be automatically shared with their friends. Currently, this feature is available to all Facebook Pages with more than 400 fans.


OK – I LOVE This Idea…

‘Cash Mobs’ flood local businesses with shoppers

Shop owners might fear a mob congregating outside the door, but don’t be scared if you’re the target of a “Cash Mob.” Organized as a reaction to behemoths like Target that lure business from the little guys, cash mobs support local stores  by flooding them with shoppers…   (read the rest here)

What’s Better?

Many businesses now have a Facebook page (if you don’t you should call us, but I digress.) Once you hit 25 “Like-rs” you can get a custom URL for your page (like www.facebook.com/cellcon.)

BUT let me ask you this: When advertising your Facebook page, which would you (as a customer) remember more:

www.facebook.com/companyname (and that’s if it’s available. If someone else has a similar name you’ll have to think of something else)   OR


I think the 2nd option. It reinforces your brand name by putting YOU first and it’s incredibly easy to do. Just create the page (or have us do it for y0u) and forward it to your FB. Page.

Other advantages?

  • You can’t have a Facebook custom URL until you hit 25 “fans”; you can do this immediately.
  • It doesn’t matter if someone else has “your” URL.

What do you think?

Social Media is… (and isn’t)

So, since I’ve been doing a bit more speaking and networking recently (see the last post) I’ve been talking about what Social Media IS (and what it ISN’T)

  • Social Media IS a fundamental shift in the ways companies communicate to their ‘public’ and vice versa.
  • Social Media IS a cheaper/faster/(better?) way to communicate and exchange ideas.
  • Social Media SHOULD BE PART of your marketing plan, NOT your entire marketing plan.
  • Social Media ISN’T a panacea. It won’t make a crappy product or service better. You won’t get a million new customers just by having a Facebook page or a Twitter account. You need to work these ‘new’ channels just as you would work the old ones. Actually, even more-so.

What else? Let’s hear your comments on this one.

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