What’s Better?

Many businesses now have a Facebook page (if you don’t you should call us, but I digress.) Once you hit 25 “Like-rs” you can get a custom URL for your page (like www.facebook.com/cellcon.)

BUT let me ask you this: When advertising your Facebook page, which would you (as a customer) remember more:

www.facebook.com/companyname (and that’s if it’s available. If someone else has a similar name you’ll have to think of something else) ¬† OR


I think the 2nd option. It reinforces¬†your brand name by putting YOU first and it’s incredibly easy to do. Just create the page (or have us do it for y0u) and forward it to your FB. Page.

Other advantages?

  • You can’t have a Facebook custom URL until you hit 25 “fans”; you can do this immediately.
  • It doesn’t matter if someone else has “your” URL.

What do you think?

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