New Law Brings Changes to Text Messaging

Starting Wednesday, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) has some new changes that effect businesses who text their customers.

The changes require a business to obtain prior express written consent from your existing and new contacts before you can engage in any marketing related text messages to them.  The business is required to send out a TCPA consent request, asking them to re-opt in. Only those that reply “YES” will be able to receive marketing text messages from you.

“The TCPA makes it unlawful for a person to “initiate” a telephone call to a residential line and to wireless numbers for non-emergency purposes without the prior express written consent of the called party. The TCPA applies to both voice and short message service (SMS) text messages, if they are transmitted for marketing purposes.

The new TCPA guidelines DO NOT apply to non-marketing communication such as appointment reminders, service reminders, employee communication, or other services provided by our sister company Dr. SMS.

Failure to comply may result in penalties of $500-$1,500 per text message.

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