Isn’t Social Media Marketing Free?

Isn't Social Media Marketing Free by CellCon ConsultingNo… No it’s not and it never was.

First of all, it always cost time. Not only the time to write a post or snap an Instagram photo, or write a tweet, but the time to do the followup and do it correctly.  Remember the first rule of Social Media. It’s SOCIAL. It’s designed for you (and/or your company) to create or join a community of people with similar interests.

So, if you walk into a new community and start off with “buy my stuff” – you’re D.O.A.  And, even if you post properly and follow the “rules of the road” if you don’t take the time to cultivate and grow the community, you will be dead soon enough.

So there was always a time cost.

But, now it actually costs money. Cash. Hard currency.

You see, when you write a basic post on Facebook, about 10% of the people who follow or like you will see it. That’s all. 10 out of 100.

Why? Because Facebook makes its money by selling information to advertisers.

You want more than 10% to see it. Facebook says “Boost it.”  – And by “boost” they mean “pay us some money.”


It’s well worth it.   Why?? Because using social media you can target your message better than at any time or any other medium in history.  Think 10 years ago you could send a message to only women who are 25 miles from your location who have a child 0-3 months and like soccer?

No you couldn’t.

Today you can.

So, social media marketing is not free. It takes time. It takes money for the ad, and it takes expertise to know how to send a highly targeted message to a highly targeted audience and send them to a very specific landing page.

But done right, it’s sooooo worth it.


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