Blogworld. Entry 2, Day 2

Ok. Back at Blogworld for day 2, starting off with the morning keynote on “A World Gone Mobile” – should be right up my alley, right?

OH, BTW, the Enterprise is going to be passing us at about 11:30 – may need to run out to grab a few shots (brought the Nikon), so who knows, you may get a “multimedia” post today as well!

Chuck Martin speaking… A few minor facts wrong but not too bad so far. Just “outed myself” as being (formally) with a mobile phone company.


Some points:
Mobile adds time and location to supply and demand
Installed base
Call to action capability
Pull vs a push medium

Mobile websites should be less, not more.

2011: 7 trillion SMS sent

MMS higher open rates

More to come soon…

Well, since I’m at blogworld…(Part I)

Well, I’m at Blogworld NY for the week. It’s lunch time and since I’ve got a wifi signal (intermittent here but not terrible) I should write a blog post, no?

My initial impressions to date are “eh.” I’ve found out that I’m shut out of quite a few of the sessions I want to attend because I didn’t they the right package when I signed up. Honestly, i didn’t even realize there were different “levels” – hopefully my virtual ticket add-on will at least let me download the sessions I’m not able to get into.

As far as the sessions I HAVE been to, it’s been good, good, not so good. A quick sub for a presenter who no-showed did the best of what he had, and was actually pretty decent – check out Jared was the sub and did a good job talking off the cuff for 45 mins.

Also it seems a bit silly that while the sessions started today, the exhibits aren’t open until tomorrow.

Nice to see they have large power strips on all the lunch tables, giving my iPhone a quick and much needed boost during the lunch break.

More to come later…