Blogworld. Entry 2, Day 2

Ok. Back at Blogworld for day 2, starting off with the morning keynote on “A World Gone Mobile” – should be right up my alley, right?

OH, BTW, the Enterprise is going to be passing us at about 11:30 – may need to run out to grab a few shots (brought the Nikon), so who knows, you may get a “multimedia” post today as well!

Chuck Martin speaking… A few minor facts wrong but not too bad so far. Just “outed myself” as being (formally) with a mobile phone company.


Some points:
Mobile adds time and location to supply and demand
Installed base
Call to action capability
Pull vs a push medium

Mobile websites should be less, not more.

2011: 7 trillion SMS sent

MMS higher open rates

More to come soon…

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