Well, since I’m at blogworld…(Part I)

Well, I’m at Blogworld NY for the week. It’s lunch time and since I’ve got a wifi signal (intermittent here but not terrible) I should write a blog post, no?

My initial impressions to date are “eh.” I’ve found out that I’m shut out of quite a few of the sessions I want to attend because I didn’t they the right package when I signed up. Honestly, i didn’t even realize there were different “levels” – hopefully my virtual ticket add-on will at least let me download the sessions I’m not able to get into.

As far as the sessions I HAVE been to, it’s been good, good, not so good. A quick sub for a presenter who no-showed did the best of what he had, and was actually pretty decent – check out froknowsphotos.com. Jared was the sub and did a good job talking off the cuff for 45 mins.

Also it seems a bit silly that while the sessions started today, the exhibits aren’t open until tomorrow.

Nice to see they have large power strips on all the lunch tables, giving my iPhone a quick and much needed boost during the lunch break.

More to come later…