You writes about the good, you writes about the bad!

So, a while ago, I wrote about the excellent Customer Service that former NY Met Art Shamsky provided when a signed picture I ordered came with a minor issue.

So, now it’s time for really bad Customer Service.

About two months ago, I deposited some funds into a bank who’s name I won’t mention (but their initials are TD and the last word is Bank.) I did this with the express intent to transfer those funds into ING Bank. Why? Because ING is paying 10X the interest that TD is.

So, after the funds are transferred, TD calls me and tells me they need to cancel my account. Why? Because all I’ve done is transfer the funds to another bank. When I call to explain, the CS Rep admits to me that he does the same thing(!) and that he will try to cancel the cancellation.

But, alas, he cannot and 1 week later TD sends me a bank check (via Overnight UPS) – closes my account and that’s that.


I admit the accounts I had there were nothing more than emergency type funds, plus I originally opened them because of the benefits TD had (and are now phasing out) like no-cost ATM use, even overseas, the ability to purchase a Visa Gift Card at no cost, etc. So I’m not that upset that I won’t be using them anymore.

But – the fact that they terminated me because my ‘recent activity’ was to transfer money away from them and into their competition is a bit silly. “HEY! You want to play with them? Go ahead but you can’t play with us anymore!”

Oh, and TD… want to keep your customers? Stop paying 1/10 the interest rate of other banks.


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