Are You Ready for Marketing Automation?

Found a great post, which includes a check-list, to see if you’re ready for marketing automation. I’ve listed some highlights here and a link to the full article:


It’s easy to stick to the tried-and-true methods of email marketing and direct marketing campaigns, relying on the sales team to nurture your leads until they close.

However, monitoring, implementing and delivering effective marketing campaigns can be complicated.



Do your marketers currently track campaigns? How so? Who is nurturing leads? When does the interaction between marketing and sales come into play?

If the answers to these questions are unknown or you don’t have a streamlined marketing process, it’s time to implement a marketing automation solution.



Here are some things to consider before you decide on a marketing automation platform for your company.


  • Your marketing department struggles to track and maintain your campaigns
  • Past closed deals aren’t generating significant repeat business
  • You have a CRM to track contacts, but it isn’t generating businesses for you
  • You need to segment your lead generation efforts across all channels, including social media
  • Sales and marketing lack insight into each other
  • You aren’t personalizing outbound communications
  • You don’t have the staff to manually contact every lead and each existing customer
  • Even your hottest leads need nurturing before committing to buy

    Marketing automation platforms allow you to nurture leads automatically with effective email drip campaigns that include personalized content until the lead is ready to close.

    Marketing automation helps create lists based on behavior so you can customize content. You can coordinate across channels, see what campaigns are the most effective and improve your ROI.

    When the lead is ready, marketing automation platforms let the relevant salesperson know so no time is wasted and no opportunity missed.

    If you have take time to properly implement and run your platform, you’ll be rewarded with a more effective and efficient sales pipeline down the road.


    Get thinking about time commitments, budget and see how marketing automation can help you get more from existing systems.

You can read the entire article HERE.

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