Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

All visitors to your website are the same… or are they?

Lead Scoring by CellCon ConsultingDid you know you can “score” your leads? As you market to your target audience, you can assign (and track!) points based on demographic information, web pages visited, videos watched and email links clicked! In addition, you can assign negative points. For example, if a lead has been idle for certain amount of time you can reduce their score.

As your visitors show more interest, their score will rise. Making them “hotter” to you.

When lead scoring is effective, you should see:

  • Increased sales efficiency and effectiveness. It focuses sales attention on leads that the organization deems most valuable.
  • Increased marketing effectiveness. It will quantify what types of leads matter most, which helps marketing more effectively target its programs and deliver more high-quality leads to sales.

Want to learn more? CellCon Consulting can help you create your automated lead scoring system.Let’s set up some time and chat about how we can help you get more business this year.

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