Landing Page (Tips)

Landing Page

What is it – a single webpage (on your site) that talks about a very specific product or service. When used in conjunction with advertising, it can accomplish a number of goals:

  1. Increase sales conversions. People don’t like to click around. There’s a reason Vine videos are 6 seconds – the average attention span is 7 seconds. By using a landing page, you can instantly tell the viewer “Hey, this is what you’re looking for.”
  2. Increase SEO. Especially true when used with paid ads. People search on specific terms (ie “Divorce Attorney” – as opposed to attorney – or “Mortgage refinance” – as opposed to “mortgage”.) By having a page dedicated to a specific product or service, your SEO will go up for those specific search terms.

Of course, CellCon Consulting can help you create your own Landing Page (or set of pages) for your products or services. Let’s set up some time and chat about how we can help you get more business this year.

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