Brand Consistency – Sending a Consistent Message

Brand Consistency - How CellCon Consulting can helpWhy is Brand Consistency important?

Recently, I received a few emails from people in the same company. Different folks, different roles, but the same company.

I was amazed at how different their signature lines were (ok, not really “amazed”, but it was a bit frightening.) Even the company name wasn’t consistent! 

Brand Consistency is key when you’re trying to build (or maintain) your brand.

It’s imperative that your employees are sending the same, high-quality message when they communicate to their customers, prospects and colleagues.

With today’s technology it’s not hard. Shared drives make it easy for everyone to use the same font, color, size, capitalization (etc.) when talking about the company name, tag line and message.

Keep it consistent folks. It’s a long term strategy that works.

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