Big Changes to LinkedIn Company Pages

Today, I received notice that LinkedIn will be stopping (and removing) all Company Products and Services Pages as of 4/14/14.

First, please note that this will NOT IMPACT your main company page.

You will have the option to have a new “Showcase Page” created. However, these place a larger impact on an image, and less room for text. Also, they MUST have a unique name (the name can’t be too generic like “our services” it has to be more specific.) To me, it seems like LinkedIn is taking a page out of Facebook’s book. These Showcase Pages are very Facebook-like.

You can read more about Showcase Pages here:

You can also “discuss” your products and services via updates on your main company page. Again, this is a very Facebook like approach. As you post new items, older ones will drop further down on the page.

I’m not crazy about it, but I guess we need to learn to live with it.


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