More Excellent Customer Service

Last week, I bought 2 tickets to the Blues, Wine and BBQ Festival in NJ, sponsored by the Garden State Wine Growers Association. The festival was to run from noon until 5, and we arrived at about 1:15.

After a wait to get to the front of the parking line, the very kind police officer directing traffic told me “Sorry, they’ve completely overbooked the event. We can’t let anyone else in.”

Disappointed, I emailed the GSWGA asking for a refund. Here’s the response I received from John Cifelli, Executive Director:

What happened Saturday was unfair to you and disappointing to everyone involved, us included. I apologize for your experience. We could not have anticipated the crowd that attended (or in your case, tried to attend). We will have you fully refunded by the end of the week, and I would like to offer you two tickets to a future event as well. If you would share your mailing address, I will mail you these tickets.
See… See that right there. THAT’S the way you do it. “We screwed up, we’re sorry, here’s how we’ll fix it.
And from that, he gets pub on my blog, my FB page and a few other places. That folks, is excellent customer service in the wake of a disappointing “purchase.”
Learn from it – and do it.

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