Informer vs “Meformer”

Well, of course I was going to post this – especially after I saw it was a study done at good old RU!


A study at Rutgers University suggests that if you want people to follow you, your social media presence can’t be all about you:

Researchers at Rutgers University found that only 20% of us are informers on social media, while the other 80% are meformers. What exactly is a meformer?

Meformers: Users who post social media updates mostly relating to themselves

Informers: Users who post updates that are mostly information-sharing

…And how does this relate to followers? Informers had more than two times the followers of meformers. It would seem that sharing information on social media is better for your follower count than sharing about yourself.

Read the entire Lifehacker article HERE and the original paper (PDF) HERE.


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